Sept. 20: Meet Kate Douglas


Hi, I'm Kate Douglas and I am the Director of Industry Lab. IL is an independent coworking space in Cambridge that specializes in flexible space for start-ups and small businesses. We offer an alternative approach to coworking that is based around a strong sense of community and a balance between innovation and creativity. Running a coworking space with a dedication to local community and promotion of arts (I am in charge of an amazing artist residency program at IL) keeps me well-connected to the local art and maker scenes, and I love visiting the wide array of pop-ups and festivals around the Boston area.

When I’m not at work, you can catch me watching films at the Brattle and Somerville Theatres. I also own a small shop with my partner called Spite House Designs.


Favorite T station: Charles/MGH (Red Line): I rarely ever get off at this stop, but the Charles/MGH station has to be my favorite. It's such an awesome view having all of the Charles River around you and Boston's beautiful cityscape to look at. I used to work early morning hours at Boston Public Market, and emerging from underground on the morning T ride and having the golden morning light glisten over the river and light up the the State House's gilded dome was pretty magical.

You’ve got one hour in Boston. You go to: On a nice day, I'm taking in Freedom Trail sites (yes, I am a history buff who looks like a tourist in my own city). I'm also weird and love to explore cemeteries - they're a spooky way to learn about a place's history, ok! The Granary Burial Ground near Boston Common is my favorite. Then I'd I'd go people watch at the duck pond!

Best cheap eats: As a Southerner, one of the things that makes me most homesick is missing Southern cuisine. I love RedBones in Davis Square in Somerville when I need inexpensive comfort food. Pro-tip: get their fried chicken dinner special for the best bang for your buck. I will say, your best bet on cheap eats has to be China Delight in Somerville. They serve delicious American-style Chinese food (their peking ravioli is not to be missed) and their bar is fully stocked and has the cheapest drinks you'll find around here (I'm talking $4 glasses of wine and $7 cocktails).

Thing that makes you think, dang Boston is cool: Boston exists in a strange liminal space between big city and small town. I love that we have a thriving city culture with access to things like art, history, and music, but I also like that it all exists in a setting that still has some charm.

Thing that makes you think, dang Boston really needs to change: Can we talk about the MBTA? With every broken down train or delay it really makes you think about what exactly they're doing with our tax dollars. And don't even get me started on the cost of living.

You can visit Kate's personal site, check out Spite House Designs, or if you're a true-crime fan you can catch her Murder Minute every Wednesday on Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party.

Learn More about Industry Lab by checking out their website and follow them on Instagram or Twitter!