Oct. 2: A pedestrian street for Rozzie


A pedestrian street for Rozzie

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to roam Birch Street in Roslindale without any cars on the road. The pedestrian-only space is coming next summer after a series of pop up plazas over the past year. And there may be more car-free streets to come. In his statement about the Birch Street street transformation, Mayor Marty Walsh teased that he’s looking forward to “similarly transforming more street space” around Boston. Got a location you want to suggest for a plaza, parklet, or outdoor cafe? You can let the City know here

Faded but not gone

The Coca-Cola ad near Union Square in Somerville is a ghost. So is the faded lettering for Gold Medal flour in Cambridge. These ghost signs, faded ads painted to the city’s brick walls in another century, are all over the city. And the Globe has a profile on Dave Brigham, who documents them for his blog, not unlike another David’s hunt for commercial signs made by the company Signtronix™.



Two chances to check out local environmental issues and action: hear how the at-large candidates for Boston City Council would take on enviro challenges in the city at a forum discussion (5:30 p.m.//free), or let your climate march energy carry you to the Sunrise Movement’s new member potluck. (6:30 p.m.//free but bring something to share).

Jazz quartet Earprint debuts their new album, “Easy Listening” at the Lilypad. Only one way to know if it’s an apt description. 7:30 p.m.//$10

Reminders: cider donut fun runWhitney @ the Royale


Learn more about the art and craft of Japanese food-preparation and presentation at a talk hosted by the Society of Arts and Crafts. 6:30 p.m.//free

Thursday is the final day to sign up to be a volunteer at the Boston Book Festival! Do it! Go behind the scenes at the region’s biggest lit fest! midnight deadline//free

Reminders: hbd Coolidge Corner exhibitThe Great Yarn Crawl